Motherload: The Thing You Have But Didn't Know The Name

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💥 MOTHERLOAD💥 This is very real and what you're feeling right now. In fact. Every. Single. Day.

It's the lifeblood of running a family and a home. It's never really talked about and can often be described as overwhelm, tired, depression, feeling low, exhaustion.....sound familiar?

It's the onboarding of information that keeps family life ticking over. The information you take on though isn't just pertinent to you. It's for the WHOLE family!

Everything from remembering all family members birthdays (not just the ones in the house!), organising everyones sports clubs, remembering how people like things cooked and who's allergic to what. Remembering to cut labels from clothes because they set one child off but the other finds comfort in them. It's remembering who's had a bath when and who needs a world book day outfit constructed from a curtain that you bought one too many of and the old bed sheet in the loft.

The list goes on....and on....and on....

It's the dull minutiae of every day life. The stuff nobody knows about your family just from a peripheral view.

The Motherload is REAL.
The Motherload is Raising the Future!

Unless you can afford to hire a cleaner, maid, administrator, nanny, gardener, driver etc the motherload will continue to be yours.

It's what come with the territory of family life. It's just nobody tells you. And quite frankly, who'd sign up? 🤣

There is something we can do to counteract this though. It will bring more balance and gift you a sense of purpose and make you feel more considered.

It's this thing called Self Care. It means taking yourself into consideration and and adding slots on the family calendar that are just for you. So while little Mikey has baking cupcakes with you on Tuesday morning pencilled in, how about penning in a relaxing bath for yourself once he's gone to bed that evening?

Be conscious of your importance and what you bring to your home. All the things that get done because you choose to take the time and sacrifice a part of yourself. We all do it and there's no shame.

But restoring balance and raising your vibe so your feel and know your enough and worthy is priceless.

This last year has been an absolute sh1t show (and that's an understatement) and it's even more important to carve snippets of time just for you. From reading a few pages of a book to lighting a candle to putting on a garment that make you feel...well, like you 😊

I have felt the need to create something within my business that makes you feel worthy and rejuvenated with the Mother's Day Hamper and newly added Pamper Box. There are enough essential treats to keep you going for a long while after the commercial day has passed. I mean let's face it. It's Mother's Day every day 👑

What will you be doing this weekend, just for you? ✌🏽💚⚡💛

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