Mother's Day Gift Guide 2021 | 5 Unique Gifts for Mum

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What do you get got the most important person in the world on Mother's Day? There is a sea of the standard bouquets but after a year of lockdown we need to up the ante and demand more for tired, frazzled mums everywhere.

Mums have had to bear the brunt of homeschooling, running a home, assuring the family everything will be ok even when they're not feeling like everything will be ok. 

This year we are shining the spotlight on some incredible independent businesses run by fierce women. Why settle for a bunch of flowers when there's so much more to choose from?


Something's Brewing

Wild Women Tea Club

Treat the woman you love to the perfect cup of tea blended just for her with our Wild Women gift boxes.

Wild Women Tea Club was created by best friend's and mums, Joney and Amy. They stand for Empowerment for Strong and Fierce women.

Each tea has been carefully blended  and designed to suit the female body because we believe in a better, kinder and more natural way to support your body when it needs it.

So, whichever journey that you are on be it Pregnancy, Menopause, Anxiety, Sleep, Hormone Imbalance etc, you'll find a blend for your needs.

100% plant powered and Vegan.

Last order date for Mother's Day delivery is 10th March. 

Head over to Wild Women Tea Club 

Dragons & Daisies Mothers Day gift Guide - Wild Women Tea Boxes 


Cause I'm Happy 

Nettlefold Home

The products all featured the line ‘Happy in your happiness’ which is a line taken from a poem my Grandad wrote for me when I was about 2 years old, when he experienced a new lease of life seeing the world through my eyes.

I felt the sunflower and a happy honey bee made the perfect accompaniment to the words.

Included in the pack is a hard-backed kraft brown notebook, with divider ribbon and belly band.  There are 72 lined pages made with recycled paper.

A pack of 8 notelets (blank inside) with kraft brown envelopes

And a keepsake token, handmade from pewter – perfect to hang on the noticeboard or pop in a purse or on a keyring

Last orders for Mothers Day will be Monday 8th March.

Head over to Nettlefold Home


Pamper Session

Dragons & Daisies 

Specially curated for the most special person in the world. Your Mother's Day Pamper Box is the ultimate 'spoil her rotten' gift; think Spa Day in box!

All products in this hamper have been carefully selected for their quality and luxury feel. They're all handmade, hand pressed and hand poured here in the UK. All the artisans are female led businesses and the majority are mothers themselves.

Last orders for Mothers Day will be Wednesday 10th March.

Head over to our Pamper Box 

Dragons & Daisies Mother's Day Gift Guide 2021 - Mother's Day Pamper Box

Say Cheese 

Melissa Gray-Peters Photography

How many times have you flitted through your camera roll and realised there are no pics of you?

Here's a chance to capture some precious moments with Motherhood Mini-Sessions by award-winning photographer and filmmaker, Melissa Gray-Peters. 

Celebrate and capture the bond between you and your little one this Mother's Day with a beautifully wrapped photography gift voucher for a Motherhood Mini-Session. Perfect for those Mums who are always taking the photos and never get in the frame with their little ones!

Digital vouchers can be ordered at any time  and sessions can be booked at your convenience.

Last orders for physical gift vouchers is Thursday 11th March. 

Crystal Healing 

Dwell Skin

Hannah, a Complementary Therapist based in Bromley, London suggests another path, to guide you towards a kinder acceptance of ageing.

The Nurtured Heart Duo Stone Radiance Roller features a large ‘spiked’ Red Jasper head, large smooth Rose Quartz head and White Jade wand. These gemstones are personal favourites, but I also chose them because of their specific affinities and relationship with the Five Elements.

Red Jasper has a strong connection to the Fire Element and the heart, triple heater and pericardium meridians. It helps to support the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the heart/blood and calms the ‘Shen,’ translated as spirit. It is believed to be soothing for the mind and may benefit skin types with high colouring.

Rose Quartz opens the chest and heart to love, emotional and physical warmth, inspires creativity and nurtures confidence.

Last orders for Mothers Day will be Wednesday 10th March.

Head over to Dwell Skin

We hope you have enjoyed our selection of alternative gifts for mum. When you head over to support these amazing, inspiring, women led businesses please let them know we sent you 💚⚡💛