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Dragons & Daisies Team - About Us Page

I’m Shim, the O.G. Mother of Dragons (and Daisies) and I started out thinking “Surely, it’s not just me…” who couldn’t see themselves or their kids reflected in the clothes on the high street back in 2010 when I became a mum for the first time.

I knew little girls had more to aspire to than being a princess, and little boys were interested in more than blue trucks.  I felt compelled to create a clothing line that encourages kids in their limitless potential, that tells them they can be anything they set their minds to.  

This led me to the land of Dragons and Daisies.

We love celebrating kids and encouraging them to express every side of their personality. We believe that every colour is for everybody and kids should be able to express their quirks and individuality in everything they do, including the way they dress.

When D&D was just a twinkle in my eye, one evening as my kids were in the bath, I asked them what they wanted to see on T-shirts. Their answers were not what I was expecting. 

Their ideas were bonkers, but I loved them! The kids’ imaginations were popping and I knew other kids would feel just as excited too.

The ideas went straight from their imagination into development with our amazing graphic designer, who remixed them, bringing in his background in record sleeve design and our print collection was born.

Our streetwear and accessories are grounded in wild imagination and positive vibes.  I want my kids and all kids to have confidence in making themselves heard and being who they want to be. They don’t have to conform to the picture society paints.  If an octopus can read a book and a cat can play basketball, what can’t a Dragon achieve?!

Not only do my three kiddos suggest designs, they choose water bottle colours, curate hampers, help with stock counts and inspire the products themselves. Most importantly my kids do all the product testing. No one tests the durability of a T-shirt better than a likkle Dragon! 

As the business (and my kids!) grows, I want to give parents a non judgemental space to celebrate who they are as an individual as well as a parent. To give them permission to put themselves on the top, or near the top, of their To-Do List.  Because sometimes being a parent is bloody hard!

Our parents have creativity flowing through them and embrace that multi-life, there’s no one way of doing things, right? You might not think of yourself as cool, but guaranteed the other parents at the school gates do.  Sometimes you swear and use your water bottle for rum punch, sometimes you lose your rag but you are raising fearless likkle Dragons with love. Whatever you do, you’re busy, you’re raising the future and the vibes the best way you know how.

Dragons & Daisies is building a community of mini non-conformists supported by parents who encourage their likkle Dragons to be themselves, whoever that might be.