10 Easy Steps to Self Care & Wellness for Parents

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Dragons & Daisies 10 Easy Ways to Implement self care and wellbeing for Parents

I'm already feeling the procrastination kicking in. Maybe I'm trying to slow down time. If I don't do anything, the world stops right? 😜

Being a working mum of three, the thought of going back to the slog of homeschooling next week and the relentless being busy but not actually achieving anything remotely self satisfying almost has me filled with dread.

Luckily I'm aware of my habits and thoughts so have my box of tools that I go to when I need to be pulled back into a good place.

Time is short for us parents who are working from home, homeschooling and trying to keep some essence of who we are during these crazy times. To top it off we all have little ones running around so what can be easily implemented to spark some joy every day? Well, here are my 10 go-to easy to implement strategies:

💫  Light a candle and go on a sensory adventure. Light it and leave it. Every now and again you'll get a waft of some feel good. Easy🕯

💫  Drink a vitamin or herb infused tea and ditch the caffeine for part of the day. You'll feel energised and more focused 🍵

💫  Drink more water. Hydration stops snacking, lifts the fog and does wonders for your skin. I find carrying my water bottle around with me helps as it's instant access when I need it 💦

💫  Look up! Whether it's cloud watching or stargazing. It never ceases to amaze the beauty that's above. Fives minutes is all it takes. I even do it with the kids, they love it 🌠 ☁️

💫  Listen to music; whether it's tuning into DAB, putting a vinyl on the deck or pulling up a Spotify playlist. Have it playing in the background so you're getting all the subliminal feels OR have a straight up rave for 10 mins and get the kids to join in. You get exercise and it's such a good way to diffuse friction 💃🏽

💫  Pick a positive statement (or three) and print it out or write it down and stick it on the fridge where you can see it all day every day. It's an immediate connection point to remind you of whatever you need to be reminded of 👑  Some examples are:

  • I can and I will, watch me
  • I am enough; always have been and always will be
  • I didn't come this far to come this far

💫  Text or WhatsApp a friend and ask how they are. An instant pick me up💕

💫  Wear something that brings good vibes. It could be a pin badge, a beanie, comfy socks, a cosy jumper, your fave pyjamas, a piece of jewellery or even a good ol' pamper session. It doesn't matter really so long as it makes you feel good 🌈

💫  Meditate. Use a guided meditation and just follow along. Easy and soothing🌀

💫  An early night. When you get a good night's sleep it's like charging a battery🔌

I hope you've enjoyed this list and find the time to do at least one or as many as you can in your day.

What do you do to restore balance and calm to yourself? 🙏🏽💚⚡💛