5 Reasons Why You Need Some Music In Your Life

Music saves lives, like literally. It has always played its part in my life from early memories of my Granny singing to me to sleep in Ireland to being a tween jumping on my mum’s bed to the sounds of Earth, Wind & Fire and Tina Turner. Fast forward to my teens and I’d be cutting shapes til the early morn in iconic clubs such as Club Colosseum, Bagleys and Gass Club to heading up my own club nights in West London with one of my besties. I even met my Partner through music and music has been responsible for our 3 baby dragons *hides face*. 
Music has the power to take you on a journey and it only takes a split second for a song to get you back in the zone of where it originally captivated you. Have you ever been in a supermarket just going about your weekly shop, browsing through the various Hovis loaves and a song plays and you’re instantly emotionally transported back where you first heard it?
Music has saved me more than once and quite frankly also got me trouble…keeping me on the dance floor and getting home way past curfew in my early days! Anyhow music nourishes the soul and here’s 5 Reasons Why You Need Some Music In Your Life:

Healthy Sleep

As busy mums we can never (EVER) get too much sleep let alone enough. So when we do bed down for the night it's important to at least get quality sleep if we're not gonna get quantity.Listening to music before bed encourages healthy sleep by relaxing you. Even when we have a baby one of the things we do as parents is put on some kind of music to soothe them to sleep. This works with adults too, we just stopped believing. When you’ve had a good night’s sleep you feel like you can conquer anything that’s thrown at you so start believing again and listen to those tones before bed.

Stress Relief

So you’ve got 99 problems but music ain’t one! The best remedy is to put on that fave tune, you know the one, that gets you in that zone and just be. When we listen to feel good music music it stimulates biochemical stress reducers called dopamine that can help you relax and chill out a little. If you’re suffering with depression, anxiety or feeling low and in need of a pick-me-up, not only can music literally chill you out but it’s natural and free. 

A Higher State of Being 

When you listen to slower music, like down tempo songs or specific mediation music which are composed using Theta waves it encourages your brainwaves to slow down in speed and as a result you get into a hypnotic or meditative state. It is during this state that your subconscious can be tapped into and you can send it positive messages which it will then in turn send back to you again and again. Doing this daily raises your consciousness and therefore wellbeing.

Time Travel

Ever felt shivers down your spine because of that song? Because music is so emotive it can transport you back to that first kiss, that first dance, that holiday, that day trip, that cool club night, that house party, that crimped hairstyle, those stonewashed jeans, that piercing your parents told you not to get, that time when something epic happened in your life. Equally it can bring that special someone whom you may not have had at the forefront of your mind recently tumbling straight back in. Music also has the power to push your energy and thoughts into the future. If you’re listening to something that gives you feel good vibes you can feel positive about moves you're making for your future or even get you starting to think about the power you possess and all the awesomeness you can bring to the world.

Makes Exercise Fun

I don’t know about you but between 3 kids and 2 businesses it doesn’t leave much time for exercise. Before kids I did circuits, boxing, gym sessions, the whole shebang! But I just don’t have the time time now and more honestly, the energy. But do you know what? It’s funny how I can put my Spotify playlist on and dance round the kitchen as I clear the breakfast items or sweep the floor, in fact it makes these mundane tasks bearable….LOL You can’t help but move your body when you’ve got your fave choons pumpin’ through the speakers. My baby dragon loves having a boogie too so it makes it fun for us even just to groove for 10-15 mins. So if you’ve not been able to get the exercise that you previously has oodles of time for why not get that playlist on and see what happens….it’s fun, pwomise.
When I want to reconnect with my sense of SELF my go to choon is always Massive Attack’s Unfinished Sympathy. It encapsulates everything I love about music in one song; hip-hop beats, scratching, symphony strings and words that make you think. What’s your go to fave song ever? Drop a comment below.
Peace out,
Shim 💚💛