Do You Dare to be Different?

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Dragons & Daisies Daring Spirit Graphic Kids Tee


It’s Anti-Bullying Week here in the UK, something that is close to our hearts!!!! We're proud that all our clothing and accessories have a positive vibe running through them to help build and instil confidence in kids whilst allowing them to maintain their unique sense of style and character.

Not being afraid to be different is an inspiring quality. With its ability to expose your likkle ones to new and exciting experiences, having the confidence to challenge the norm is a magical thing.

Having an adventurous nature and a daring spirit not only opens your eyes to different perspectives and possibilities, it also instils the belief that anything is possible, if you put your mind to it.

We believe that adopting a daring spirit will allow your children to stand up and be counted, to have their voice heard above others, and to connect with their inner ambitions. But most of all, it will allow them to be bold, confident and fearless.

We say NAY to bullying and YAY to having a fearless daring spirit!!

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Dragons & Daisies Daring Spirit Kids Tee

If you suspect or know your likkle one is being bullied make sure you check out the Anti-Bullying Alliance website for guidance and advice

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