What Do Mums Really Want?

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What Do Mums Really Want?

I was thinking to myself, what do I really want for Mother's Day? And after some thought having been asked by my family, I was a little embarrassed to actually say as it wasn't a lot I was asking for. So, I put out a poll on my instagram stories to my audience of mostly mums to see if the consensus what generally the same as mine. Was I the odd one out? The results are in....but are they what you'd have thought?.....

Shouldn't Mother's Day Be About Mum?

To me, Mother's Day should be about Mum and what she wants. But when I was growing up me and my siblings would give my mum some flowers, usually picked from a park and a card usually made at school.

As we got older we would bestow gifts on mum such as chocolates, perfume, candles and brunches and dinners out.

Whilst this was all well and good, it came from a genuine place of wanting to give to Mum and it always seemed well received or at least perceived to be. 

But why didn't any of us actually ask my Mum what she wanted for Mother's Day?

Foggin' 'Ell

Since becoming a Mum myself in 2010 and now mothering 3 lil dragons of my own, I have been thinking about what it is I want for Mother's Day. It's not because I'm not asked, no my family always ask me what gift I want. That's not the issue, the issue lies in that it's not always a tangible gift that I'm after. In fact I'd rather ditch the the whole tangible gift thing and receive something that will help me lift that ever present Mum-fog and decision fatigue. 

Ever heard of it, Mum-fog? OK, whilst it's not a medical condition as such, it's what I experience in my day to day life as a mother and partner. It's what I used to term the Motherload but it has morphed into something else these days. As the kids' social lives get livlier and my Partner's business grows and my little business grows, a haze seems be a-foot.

The Oracle

The status of Oracle is usually one that's seen as a noble title to behold. Not me, I don't want the title. I don't want to have to remember EVERYTHING, the minutiae of everyone's lives and barely being able to grasp my life with the few millimetres of fingertip left after I'm done saving everyone else. Seriously, I didn't sign up for this and nobody told me!

So, What Do Mums Really Want?

Ok, let's get to the nitty gritty. What do Mums want for Mother's Day? The first three questions asked were:

Long lie in with no commitments  OR a full day of activities with the family?

A profound 83% of echoed my sentiment, yearning for those precious moments of respite. The allure of a long lie in, free from the shackles of commitments, resonated deeply, affirming that amidst the chaos of life, solitude holds a priceless charm.

Breakfast in bed  OR Brunch out?

67% of voices harmonised in favour of venturing beyond the confines of home. Brunch, with its promise of culinary delights and shared moments, enabling mums to bask in the warmth of companionship outside familiar walls with the washing up...bliss!

A day to yourself whilst the kids are taken care of by friends/family OR A normal day with the family?

Here, amidst the ebb and flow of familial bonds, a delicate balance hung in the air. Yet, 60% dared to dream of solitude, where the burdens of responsibility could momentarily be cast aside.

These were the results from my Instagram Poll

 What do mums want for mother's day? Dragons & Daisies poll

The second three questions asked were:

A pamper day at home OR A Pamper day out?

A resounding mum-mentous chorus emerged, declaring with unwavering conviction the allure of escape! A unanimous 100% sought solace beyond the familiar confines of home, I mean who doesn't want a break from the norm, ay?

Some time to yourself OR A full day out doing an activity?

67% desired some time for themselves to do what they wanted. Which in all likelihood would be a cross between sleep and erm, sleep!

Bunch of FlowersOR House chores done for a week?

In the delicate dance between sentiment and practicality, the scales tipped decisively. A whopping 71% clamoured for the reprieve of burden, choosing the gift of time over fleeting blooms. House chores vanquished the ephemeral beauty of flowers, offering a tangible respite in the eternal struggle of domesticity. I cannot tell you how heard I felt.

These were the results from my Instagram Poll

what do mums want for mothers day - instagram poll by dragons & daisies 

The last set of three questions asked were:

At home OR Weekend away?

As wanderlust whispered through the corridors of maternal dreams, the call of adventure resonated deeply. A resolute 75% yearned for the thrill of escape, forsaking the comforts and domestic burdens of home....let's goooooooo!

Do you have to tell your Partner what to get you OR Your Partner knows exactly what to get you?

With a vote of confidence, 67% entrusted their desires to the intuitive grasp of their Partners. I say this is a win!

Are you mostly satisfied with what you get for Mother’s Day OR Mostly unsatisfied with what you get for Mother’s Day?

An overwhelming 83% found solace in the gifts bestowed on them, embracing the tokens of affection with open hearts. Yet, a silent minority lingered in the shadows, harbouring unspoken grievances veiled beneath a façade of gratitude. I think is is most part due to not wanting to hurt feelings. We don't wanna come across as ungrateful now do we?

These were the results from my Instagram Poll


To Conclude

After looking at this poll it was clear that most mothers actually feel just like me. I'm not alone in what I'd like for Mother's Day (or any other day). I mean, every day is Mother's Day, right?

In the mosaic of maternal aspirations, a common thread emerged—it was clear that most mums yearn for moments of reprieve, where the weight of the world could be momentarily lifted and the monotony of decision making taken away from us, even if only for a day. As we navigate the labyrinth of motherhood, let's remember that sometimes, the greatest gift lies not necessarily in grand gestures, but in the simplicity of understanding and honouring one's desires.

I would love to know what you think about the results of this poll and if anything resonated. Are we more alike than not, us mums? I'd like to think so.

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