Staying Original with Kool Kat!

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It’s Anti-Bullying Week here in the UK, something that is close to our hearts!! We're proud that all our clothing and accessories have a positive vibe running through them to help build and instil confidence in kids whilst allowing them to maintain their unique sense of style and character.

Being Original is one of the toughest things to do on this gorgeous planet isn’t it? There’s only ever gonna be one of you, right? So all the more so to embrace being who you are. There is nothing greater than having the confidence to be your own person. To stand up for what you believe in and stay true to yourself, despite the constant pressure to conform to what society expects us to be.

Kool Kat is sassy, sporty and fun despite what the other Cats say. She loves to shoot b-ball and has her jump shot on lock! She loves rockin'  the colour pink and just being cool with her natural swag. She knows originality paves the way for new ideas, encourages a fresh approach to life, and ignites a new way of thinking – values that we constantly aim to promote through Dragons & Daisies. 

With an ethos that aims to promote confidence and self-belief, we believe that it’s important that your likkle ones discover who they are as likkle people without being prompted or shaped by ideological stereotypes.

We say NAY to bullying and YAY to staying original and true!!

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Dragons & Daisies Original Kool Kat Tee

If you suspect or know your likkle one is being bullied make sure you check out the Anti-Bully Alliance website

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