New Year, Same You! Why You Should Ditch Those New Year Resolutions!

  • 2 min read
THANK YOU 2021 | What a year it has been. I've had my best  and busiest year in business and have had lots of lessons which we be accompanying me in 2022.

There have been lots of disappointments in both people and life events which have stuck with me in terms of the lesson. There's always gold in the lesson even if it doesn't feel like it at the time.

At this time of year most people will be putting pressure on themselves of New Year resolutions which may induce anxiety, feelings of guilt and like they're not enough.

Here are some things I'll be endeavouring to do more of in 2022 as I know they make me feel good and make me feel more confident in myself which means a better outlook in life which brings a better state of mind.

Drinking more water - Hydration is key to feeling refreshed and focused.
Eating more greens - A better diet is never gonna go amiss
⚡Better sleep - not necessarily more sleep but making my sleep a better experience but taking the down time needed before I actually sleep
⚡More exercise - actually doing the exercise I enjoy like walking and yoga rather that forcing myself to do things I'm not in alignment with
⚡Being more ambitious - I'm guilty of playing it small at times but wanna step out of my comfort zone. 2021 taught me how showing up always pays off in more ways than one
⚡More dedicated family days and spending time with the dragons individually as well as collectively
⚡Journalling - getting things down on paper and out of my head which frees up more headspace and allows for manifestation
⚡ Time Management - having more respect for my time and not getting bogged down with things that are out of my control. So, planning meals, diarising events (instead of keeping them in my head), working ON my biz rather than constantly IN my biz and sharing more chores with the family
⚡ Reading - whether it's an audio book or paperback to keep my mental ticking over

⚡ Indulging in more smellies - I love incense, candles and wax melts. Smell has the power to transcend you elsewhere from the comfort of your home

As you can see it's not an exhaustive list or things that seem particularly exciting. But what I do know is that when all these things are operating in my life it makes me feel good and even like I have more time and energy. That's a win for me 🙌🏽

What would you add? Lemme know in the comments 👇🏽💚⚡💛