Easter Egg Hunt | Free Printable Clues

  • 1 min read

In these uncertain times it's hard to believe that Easter is on our doorstep. The Nation's attention has been elsewhere and I'm sure most of us don't really know when Easter is (unless we consult Google).

It doesn't mean the fun needs to be halted though. Our little people have been uprooted from school, their friends and extended family and having to be homeschooled by their parents (poor things)!!!

I do an egg hunt every year for my kiddos and base it in and around the house. I thought with all of us being housebound at the moment it would be the perfect thing to share and perhaps alleviate some anxiety for those who may not be able to properly prepare this year (me being one of them).

There are 15 clues for you to pick and choose which ones you feel are relevant for your children. The are clues are appropriate for 4-11 year olds and I have used generic hiding places so there should be scenarios to suit all. I hope you enjoy!

Download your free printables here