About Us

Dragons & Daisies is a team of four made up of a mother and her three likkle ones. We love designing and infusing positive vibes into our fun and bold prints for kiddos and adults alike. Our street vibes and encouraged by our love of music and street art. Our eclectic family mix makes it possible to keep coming up with creative and original designs which we hope resonate with you in some way. Our goal is to make likkle peeps feel good in what they choose to wear and embracing their individuality whilst whilst putting a pep in their step with our positive slogan.

Our Motto

Jumping in muddy puddles and climbing up slides
Rules shmules; we don’t abide
Pockets full of shells, twigs and pebbles
Joy riding life, we’re heroes and rebels
A soul with wings and a heart full of fire
Being a unicorn is our innermost desire
Reload it back to where it all starts
Mischief making, dancing, handstands, on demand farts
Snotty nosed mud eaters with bruises and grazes
Fierce like a dragon and fresh (to def) as a daisy


Meet The Crew

Shim - Innovator & Tea maker

We roll four deep and between an ever growing to-do list and keeping Miss E (9), Mstr Zee (8) & Z-Boy (18 months) from too much sibling rivalry I head up the Dragons & Daisies HQ and generally make sure shiz gets done (when I remember)! I love music, street art, anything extraterrestrial and chocolate. An accountant in a past life, I now draw inspiration from my 3 kiddiwinks and together we create new products for Dragons & Daisies. I believe in biggin’ kids up and know a better world can be created if we can motivate and coach the next generation in a positive manner. Dragons and Daisies is all about stories, daydreaming and having a positive attitude sprinkled with a little silliness…….oh and looking cool whilst doing all these things!

Miss. E - Storyteller

Professional storyteller and light mischief maker. This young lady loves bold colours, rainbows and anything extra terrestrial....Oh, and does a fab job keeping her bros and mum in check!

Mstr. Zee - Imaginator

Only 8 years young but a stickler for details. Mstr Zee comes up with the most abstract ideas that keep us entertained and in awe. He's a fanboy of colossal squids, volcanoes and planet Earth.

Z-Boy - Mischief Maker

This likkle pocket rocket loves danger and dabbling in anything he's not supposed to be! He keeps his older siblings on their toes with his toddler super powers of speed and cheekiness!




What We Do

We like to make t-shirts with big bold prints inspired by our hobbies and adventures in life; music, reading, nature, art and positive attitude to name a few. Each print originates in the heart and imagination of Miss E (9) and Mstr Zee (8) and is brought to life with the help of our very talented graphic designer. Our tees are for likkle peeps who want to express their uniqueness through street art inspired prints infused with positive vibes.

Why We Do

Becoming a parent makes you see the world in a different light. The likkle peeps you bring into the world mirror what you do and take you at your word. We believe if you big up kids from day one it’ll set them in good stead and make them believers in themselves, give them confidence that they can make decisions and stand by them no matter what. When you repeatedly tell anyone they’re brilliant, amazing or good at something, they start to believe it and with that belief they can achieve great things. So through our love of inspiring likkle peeps we have put together some playful, bold and original prints for your playful, bold and original likkle peeps.


Where We Do

We are a small business operating between our home in SW London and our HQ in SW London, Brixton.


A Few #FierceAndFresh Facts About Us

Most our prints are thought up by Mlle E and Mstr Zee
Our first ever photoshoot was done in Barbados whilst on holiday for a family wedding
Dragons & Daisies was previously called Doods & Dolls before someone stole our name!
We are a small business living and working in SW London