Determined Bunny X Lightening Girl Easter Competition!

by Team D&D on April 18, 2019

Determined Bunny X Lightening Girl Easter Competition!

KaPow! We have an Easter competition to pack a punch with the dynamic duo that is Determined Bunny & Lightening Girl! One person the will win a Determined Bunny Tee and a copy of Lightening Girl! And 4 runners up will win a giftcard worth £5 to spend in our online store!!

Dragons+Daisies Easter Comp Determined Bunny Tee

Comment below telling us in what way your child is determined + their tee size! Easy Peasy :)

A winner will be drawn at random and announced on Monday 22nd April at 8pm, good luck!

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**Items will be sent out once contact has been made with the winner

by Danielle Stone on April 22, 2019

Rose is determined to be brave and strong. She has overcome crippling anxiety to flourish into an amazing, loving and kind girl who now enjoys going to school, loves a challenge and has made amazing friends! Proud just doesn’t cut it! She’s in size 8/9 or 9/10!

by Emma day on April 22, 2019

My girl is the strongest, most honest soul I’ve met. She’s the type that when she wants to do something, like when she learnt to ride her bike or ice skate, she will keep going for days through countless falls until she has it. One of her best qualities is she will always stick up for the underdog, even if that means going against an adult or a child older than her, because if she believes something is right she won’t back down. Size 11

by Dominic on April 21, 2019

Yes please!

by Diana Voxerbrant on April 20, 2019

Yasss please!

by Cheryl Bradley on April 20, 2019

My eldest is always determined to get things done. Usually getting to the end of a reading book or memorising a magic trick. She would love this tee! Age 9-11

by Laura on April 20, 2019

Oops forgot to add tee size🙈 don’t know if you can edit. Its age 9.

by Laura on April 20, 2019

She never gives up her storytelling. Even when her little sister move her figurines. She finds them, resets the scene and begins again. Repeatedly. Everyday.

by Jen Sloan on April 20, 2019

Oh and she’s size 7-8

by Jen Sloan on April 20, 2019

Emily is determined to learn to roller skate! There’s always something new to learn and it feels hard but she is not giving up and is improving every week.

by Hanna Symis on April 20, 2019

I have two determined bunnies 🐰 in this casa! Big E enjoys telling people that she isn’t a “tomboy”, she’s just a girl that doesn’t like dresses! She also refuses to listen when people tell her she’s wearing boys’ clothes. Little E is fierce, and never gives up – she goes to a school where they teach in a language that isn’t her first, and while she sometimes struggles she never gives up. Fierce, determined girls 👊👊


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